My titles reflect what I felt as the music flowed when I visited these caverns on inter-dimensional journeys. I am offering you the opportunity of a unique personal experience … simply take some deep breaths ….. follow the music and allow it to take you too, to these amazing, inspiring Crystal Caverns. And afterwards, allow a few moments to breathe deeply ….. to reconnect with familiar everyday life … and to infuse this with the transformative, expansive Consciousness from the Crystal Caverns.

Below are short excerpts from each individual track. The full-length Music from the Crystal Caverns album is available as a physical CD or a digital download and can be ordered by following the BUY link.

Universal Music …..

existing across realms of consciousness which always was, and always is ….. introduces each track and joins together to form

Track 5:  Continuation

A Selection of COMMENTS about this Music:

Crystal Caverns guide me to my own source of abundance … Kay taught me in practice not in words like so many others what abundance means practically giving from heart with clear intention ….. And continue to do so..

Fotini, Greece

Einfach nur wunderschön!

Petra, Germany

I´ve just bought it, and it is great and amazingly beauty and simple music.

Mabelle. Spain

Liebe Kay! Ich habe deine wunderschöne CD durch Gabriela und Friedrich Strobl kennengelernt.

Christa, Österreich

Thanks for that music, love it ! Millions of thanks about the Crystalline music.

Maija, Finland

This is incredibly beautiful

Diana, Romania

I feel like I am expanding when I listen and have less the heavy density feel of 3D … and that is exactly what I need at the moment.

Tina, Ireland

Thank you Kay for this beautiful music and energy sharing.

Petra, Germany

It’s my favorite music in the car at the moment and also on my computer. I especially love Invigoration, with the more bouncy part!

Joep, USA

Great creation Kay and I love especially “Invigoration” – it does last 8.44 Mn!!!!! Amazing divine creation

Christine, Germany

Beautiful, beautiful music Kay

Jennifer, Australia

I felt very off balance before I listened to your music. Feeling much better now, thank you

Lynne, UK

You unlock each one’s divine music! Every musical note that you use has a frequency that awakes the soul…you are blessed!! And I’m lucky that I met you …

Freya, Greece

Ich kenne deine Musik durch die Arbeit mit Gabriela und Friedrich Strobl. ich bin gerade aus Griechenland zurück gekommen, und hatte dort eine ganz wundervolle meditation mit deinen klängen ?  Gratuliere dir zu dieser einzigartigen Musik, bitte mach weiter so ?

Barbara, Germany

Beautiful, Kay!

Susan, USA

Wunderschön und ‘Powerless’. Danke.

Denis, Germany

Beautiful, Kay!

Susan, USA

O my, you are emanating the Innocent Tones of the Crystal Gravitational Heart of our Bellies, this is beyond words………

Caroline, NZ

Very soothing music.

Irma. Finland

So beautiful! I was spellbound!

Donna, Australia

I heard your music on Sunday and I was amazed!!!!! It sounded wonderful!!!

Maria, Greece

I have to message right away as I was so taken by your music! Beautiful! I just had a very short moment for listening to Infusion and Integration but I knew it right away though! This is for me ?.

Leena, Netherlands

I just bought your CD. I’m not interested in New Age type music, but yours is not that; it has substance to it.

Kerry, USA

I finally had a chance to listen to your Crystal Cavern music today. It’s really very beautiful! This music sounds and feels like you’re actually playing it, and I truly enjoyed it! Fantastic creation!

Jean, USA