Soul Song

How shall I describe a Soul Song ?


There are so many ways to describe a Soul Song …. so many layers of consciousness … on a simple level, it is a portrait of you – your personality – in sound. And: A portrait of your Inner Being …. reflecting an aspect (sometimes more than one). And: It brings into your awareness, aspects waiting to be integrated and mind-struggles wanting resolution. And: it shows you potentials waiting for you … those you may simply not have been aware of.

How does a Soul Song come into existence ?


The music will flow when you’ve made a conscious choice to hear the personal musical expression of your Essence …. your Inner Self … your Soul …. Words are not important …. what is, is your commitment, as this then sends out a connection to me along which the music travels. From your Soul to mine. II wouldn’t be ethical for me to go searching ….. it is up to You to make a choice to allow whatever your Soul wants you to be aware of, to flow to me. Sometimes I ‘know’ and the music has flowed at the time you make your choice …. and before you actually contact me. I ‘see’ the person …. feel their energy … and see colours which I then use in creating the CD cover …..

Often, pictures/thoughts/concepts accompany the music, highlighting situations which are important  for you to be aware of and look at in more depth. Although I play my Master keyboard (piano sound) and record the music directly into the computer, at the same time I ‘hear’ other sounds – which I then re-create to embody the full experience.

What will you feel when you listen to your Soul Song ?


Delight, probably …. and surprise …. remembering responses from the people who’ve already asked for their Soul Song: ‘Gosh – am I really so beautiful inside ?’

How can experiencing your Soul Song benefit you ?


You’ll have the chance to connect easily and deeply with your Soul when you hear your music. And it really is more of an experience than just listening. A very special, individual experience. One that has happened with many people is that by connecting more deeply to their Soul, they recognise and can then integrate, aspects which have been lurking in the background. What people also tell me is that they find it deeply relaxing to hear their Soul Song. And … that they can release stuck emotions gracefully and easily. And … that they find the music brings them back to their centre, and back into balance.

What will this cost ?


After the channelling, I like to let the energies ‘sit’ for a few days. Then, I arrange and edit the music, mix and master the finished composition and burn it onto a CD. I write down the extra impressions I receive during the channelling:- those images or thoughts and send those as well. At present, I’m offering two versions of a Soul Song: the full setting – for a group of instruments – those which I hear as the music flows, and a more simple setting – which is for a solo instrument. I aim to complete the full version – which obviously requires more delicate crafting – in about seven weeks and the solo version, in about three weeks. The energy of the Soul Song is the same – there really isn’t any difference. There will also be a small charge for postage & packing.