About Me

My Self


Born in England, I moved to Germany many years ago after falling in love with the wonderful, luxuriant and vital trees here. Greece is the country which currently gives me a feeling of ‘Home’ – though it all depends  where I put my consciousness – as a citizen of the world, not confined to one area.

My Music


Music has been my Life for longer than I can remember, in nearly every life-time. I feel, and describe myself, as a creator, and I express this through composing and channelling music and in designing incredibly beautiful sounds and textures. Harmony and Beauty flow into the music which I create.

I studied Music at University – Birmingham University School of Music – and my B.Mus Hons. degree serves to give me the background and know-how into which I let my music flow, since I have let go of all intellectual ways of making music, preferring to work purely from intuition.

I often use the melodic scales of Ancient Music in my creations, rather than today’s Western tonal system. For me, these have a purity which carries Consciousness. I see Consciousness flowing through the melodies and being grounded in the harmonic structures. I adore ‘hearing’  new sound combinations and textures, and then finding out how to re-create these in very simple ways.

I use a Digital Music Studio to produce my music and work purely from intuition ….  rarely consulting technical manuals. My actual ‘knowledge’ of the software I use is small and I’m happy to leave it like this. What has been amazing is the help I’ve received from Pythagoras in this area. He channelled a piece of music – New Beginnings – through me some years ago, and was quite insistent beforehand, that the finished piece should sound exactly as he intended. During the channelling he came right into me and played through me as I recorded .the music … and then it was up to me to re-create the sound I’d heard, since I record through a Master keyboard (piano sound) and then change the music later. I didn’t find it so easy to re-create exactly the sound of his lyre (a very small, ancient harp-like instrument) and he then came and gave me precise instructions how to tweak my music software !! We now have an arrangement: if I’m stuck, I can call on his services ! Sometimes he pops in anyway with a tip … of a sort I’d never have come across myself … and very helpful. The really strange thing for me is, that although I understand completely when he leads me through a technical problem, afterwards I forget very quickly.

My Designs


I love colour …. in music as well as in visual arts. And I enjoy playing with digital art as this is a form where I can reproduce what I see when the music flows. The artwork on my Music Album and Soul Song covers is as close as I can get to this. I have incorporated a triangle into the design of my current Inner Spheres Music logo  to acknowledge the support I’ve received from Pythagoras.

My Channelling


Channelling Music is fun and very natural for me. I feel a new composition ‘knocking at the door’ of my consciousness, and asking to flow in. There are no rituals or preparations … the music simply flows wherever I happen to be. If I’m in a totally inconvenient situation – such as sitting in my car at traffic lights – I grab my iPhone and sing a few passages into it, but then firmly ask the consciousness connecting with me to wait until I invite it in again. The short excerpt will be sufficient for me to re-connect with the essence of the music, later. Music often flows when I’m out walking in the nearby forest, so again, my trusty iPhone is on hand to record with.

Although I remain fully awake and aware of the music while channelling, it really is a multi-dimensional activity and I sometimes have some surprising collections of experiences during one session ! These are so varied that I let them come and go without hanging on to and trying to process or work out exactly where I ‘was’. Afterwards I usually feel full of energy and very lively.

My Inspirations


Composing music is a completely natural, supremely pleasurable and fulfilling activity for me. The music flows without effort. I don’t set out to write for a specific instrumental combination e.g. a string quartet or brass group. What I’ve done is simply to allow …. my senses bring something into my awareness – for example, colours and patterns from a particular tree, the scent from a bush I walk past. More than that, it’s the feeling which I notice, and which expands my consciousness. Often, music starts to flow immediately … at other times it comes days or weeks later. I always recognize the source, though.

The inspirations for my music most often stem from the Natural World – Music from the Crystal Caverns being a particular example. After taking part in a DreamWalk to one specific cave full of the most rare and beautiful consciousness-filled crystals – led by Adamus St. Germain and organized by the Crimson Circle – I went off on my own DreamWalks ! And the music flowed with the consciousness from these individual caverns.

Other inspirations come directly from people …. I mention these on the Soul Song page.